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Based in Delcambre, Louisiana, we are your online market for wild-caught, flash-frozen Louisiana seafood – among the world’s highest quality – packed by the fishermen who caught it and shipped right to the doorstep.

Louisiana’s seafood industry sits in the richest deltas in the nation.
The runoff of our bayous, wetland, and marshes into the coastal zones results in the best tasting seafood in the world.
It provides for perfect salinities for seafoods, enhancing their natural sweetness.

From Grand Isle to Dulac and Delcambre to Cameron, Louisiana fishermen wake up every morning and hit the open waters to do what many have been doing for three and four generations. They harvest and pack the same quality of seafood that they feed their own families.
This is what sets us apart!

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Why Our Seafood

At Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop, we care about the seafood you eat and work closely with our fishermen partners to provide you with the very best. They use sustainable fishing practices to preserve our fisheries for generations to come.

Your Seafood Has a Story

Louisiana Direct Seafood helps you connect with the food on your plate:  the waters where it was caught; the fisherman who hauled in the nets; the family who runs the business at home.  When you buy local, wild-caught seafood from us, you get up close and personal with the history and culture of Louisiana’s coastal communities.

Packed fresh then frozen

Impeccable freshness provides seafood that, when thawed, tastes like it was caught that day.  That’s because in most cases, seafood was caught, frozen, and packaged at sea or immediately at dock!  Our partners LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant work with fishermen on best harvest, handling, and processing practices so you get the best quality and flavor.

Shipped to your door

Your order will arrive (still frozen in ecofriendly packaging) in just 1-3 days via FedEx Home Delivery, with no signature required by us.  All the prep work is done—the seafood is cleaned, fileted, skinned, hand trimmed, de-boned, de-headed, deveined, and pre-portioned.  No matter what seafood you’re craving, our products are always in season!

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