FROZEN FRESH NATURALLY SWEET Caught from Gulf waters by Louisiana fishermen, and delivered to your doorstep. We use the very best fishing and processing practices to lock in that fresh, just-caught quality. web rotator with link to La Direct Seafood swamp scene TASTE OF THE BAYOU CAJUN SEASONING What's good Louisiana seafood without spicy Cajun seasoning. Spicy and healthy blends of Cajun 180 seasoning will make you dishes, BBQs, and seafood boils pop and sizzle. LOCAL FISHERMEN LOCAL FRESH CATCH Your seafood has a story, and we help you connect with the food on your plate: the waters where it was caught; the fisherman who hauled in the nets; the family who runs the business at home.

Fishermen who pack and freeze their own product are referred to as "microprocessors." They are usually small family owned businesses seeking more value for their product.



shrimp on plate

Harvested from
the Gulf of Mexico

Louisiana Direct Seafood helps you connect with the food on your plate.

Packed fresh
then frozen

Caught, frozen, and packaged at sea or immediately at dock!

direct to you

No matter what seafood you’re craving, our products are always in season!


From the boat

What our customers say

“Shipped food to CA. Arrived frozen solid in two days. Great quality!“

—Suzanne Dugas
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