17 Aug

One Reply to “Shrimp Toast”

  1. Marguerite Labouisse May 10, 2022

    Dear Chef Reason,
    I am a home cook with no professional training or experience, but I like to collect recipes. I live in Georgia, but I was born and raised in New Orleans so the Louisiana Direct Seafood ad caught my eye.
    I would like you to read through this Shrimp Toast recipe and tell me if you agree that there’s a problem.
    In step 4, I believe the verb you were looking for is SLATHER, not lather. “Slather the paste onto the bread” makes sense, but the continuation of the direction “sealing the edges” does NOT make sense.
    Sealing what edges? How? I suspect that the missing step is to cover with another slice of bread, cut on diagonal and THEN “seal the edges.” But how? Are the edges supposed to be pinched together? And should the crust still be on the bread, or should it have been cut off? And what is going to make the sesame seeds stick to the bread?
    I hope you will see this comment and reply to me. Thank you.

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